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The Training Holiday

Every year the club organises a training holiday for one week of the Easter holidays!

It is a week where members of the club get to go away together, either abroad or somewhere in the UK, and cycle, run, swim, enjoy the beautiful location and have fun. Previous destinations have included: the Lake District, Lanzarote, Mallorca, Calpe. 

The popularity of this holiday has increased over the years, as it is a really good opportunity to spend time with people in the club. 

The week normally consists of cycling and seeing the beautiful scenery, some runs, swimming in the sea (or maybe in lakes in the UK), a meal out and drinks in the evenings. 

In 2019 the club went to the Lake District, and at the end of the week some members took part in a Coast 2 Coast cycle. 

In 2023, the club stayed at a villa in Calp, Spain. Activities included runs up Calp rock to catch the sunrise, rides on hallowed roads (Calp is a favourite destination for the pro cyclists!), choppy swims and of course groups meals both in and out of the villa whilst enjoying the culture (/wine/Benidorm....). The group holiday is not one to be missed!! Just a few of the many highlights below. 

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