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Leadership and Coaching Opportunities

As the club is a student lead organisation, we provide the opportunity for members to become Activity Leaders, helping out our Training Officers to provide high quality training to the rest of the club. Whether you have experience in swimming, cycling, running or any sort of coaching abilities please do not hesitate to contact the committee about becoming an Activity Leader, it is the perfect opportunity for leading members of the club in training improvements. The requirements and benefits of Activity Leaders are listed below:

  • Attend certain training sessions, leading a group of members.

  • Provide a safe and fun training environment, including all members in activities in the group.

  • You will gain valuable leadership experience.

  • You will become an integral member of the club.

As a committee, we would like to thank all the Activity Leaders past and present as the club would not be able to run without you! if you would like the opportunity to provide training to members and help out with the club please contact us.

2023-2024 Activity Leaders

Our training wouldn't be the same without activity leaders helping to run our sessions. Please do get in contact if you'd be interested in helping out!

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