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Our fouth and best discipline - socials. They are a great way of getting to know people in the club outside of normal training and make memories and friends for life. We have alternating drinking and non-drinking socials so there's something for everyone and they're all epic!

A staple for any Sheffield sports clubs is, of course, Roar with themes from the classic pub golf to the Princess and the Pea. Wednesday night can be the night to let your hair down and sing along to some of the best modern pop tracks with your favourite sports club. Pop Tarts will also be on the menu after the big races to get the retro hits in and celebrate your success too. 

And if VKs are a bit too sweet for you, don't worry because we have other non-drinking socials to keep you fresh, such as film nights, Bake-Off, walks in the Peak District and quizzes, alongside the obligatory Christmas and End of Season meals.

In all honesty, this is probably more important than the training, so don't miss out!

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