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2019-2020 Season 

Give It A Go Aquathlon - 28th Sept 2019

Give It A Go Duathlon - 5th Oct 2019


What is it?

An Aquathlon is a swim followed by a run. 

How far are the distances?

Our GIAG Aquathlon offers multiple distances: 200m or 400m swim followed by a 2km or 3km run. How far you go is completely up to you.

Was it a success?

Yes! We had our most popular GIAG Aquathlon with 25 people taking part! The results were published on the Facebook page. Thank you very much to all our top volunteers who gave up their time to make this event run!


Photographs from 2019

What is it?

A Duathlon is a run then a cycle then another run. 

How far are the distances?

The first run is the same for everybody: 3km 

The cycle could either be 10km or 18km 

The final run could either be 1.5km or 3km 

It is completely up to you as to how far you go! The route is marshalled and explained on the day by the race organiser. 

Do you need a bike?

No! If you want to take part and don't have your own bike or helmet, then message the club on Facebook asking to borrow a bike and we have plenty that you can borrow. 

Was it a success?

Yes, it was very popular and had 27 people taking part! 

The results were published on the Facebook page. Once again, we couldn't have run this event without all the club member volunteers, so thank you very much!

Photographs from 2019


BUCS Duathlon - 24th Nov 2019


A whopping 33 people took part in our BUCS Duathlon race this year and everyone performed amazingly! A huge thank you also needs to go to Lily P and Zak H for driving the van containing all our bikes there and back, also to everyone who helped to back and unpack the bike van. 

Here is the (social) race report for the day:

6am vibe check: 2/10. Despite Louis tempting us, the morning started amazingly with the alpha-bois being the only ones on the right side of the road, collectively securing the back row for banter purposes. After we had shown Zach where the toilet was the coach journey there was almost as boring as Mellor’s spotify playlists, or his snoring apart from the revelation of N I C K on the race register. Arrival at 10am, which whilst being early was apparently even earlier at Bristol time for Lily and Zak to join us around 11. The packingbois were ready for another military operation, executed to exquisite precision (not bias at all) and its nice to see Mellor and Charlotte finally having something in common looking after their bikes with a cuddly blanket. Eventually much to Hugo’s enjoyment (and possibly some bribery), the bike leg was shortened, and the race was ready to go ahead!

In the mens ‘elite’ wave (seems an exaggeration if you ask me) we had some strong boys going, Mellor led into T1 and held this lead all the way whilst a strong bike leg from George took him past Hugo into second Sheff (#represent). JJ got overtaken by an old man shortly before the end, Cameron had a strong showing, Euan Naruto run into the finish whilst being closely pursued by Joey who hadn’t grasped the concept that to beat someone you have to cross the line before them… And slightly further back Stephen powered through the second run whilst Mat pulled a sneaky on Jimmy and pipped him to the post, although a certain Hallam committee member was there to comfort him at the end.

Post 1st wave vibe check: 7/10

Shortly after this the girls set off, Ellie nice and warm from her private waiting room (Dad’s car) whilst Meg just about finished her plaiting to make the start. Anna, cheered on lovingly by a certain training officer, absolutely smashed it and placed 36th overall!! Special mentions to Alaw, Helen and Millie for completing in good times as well.

Then came the mixed wave, with some serious competitors facing off for bragging rights. Guy (after breaking into the coach to retrieve his kit) stonked the first run along with Ed, those two leading our boys and gals home whilst Mellor said hi to Charlie Austin. The battle between the commonside girls was similarly close with Amy pulling through on the second run although Lily did make a good fist of outsprinting someone a foot taller than her. Coming off the bike there was a pack of bois who we expected to hotly contest the second run. Mr Foster, fired up since he got a rude awakening on the bus led them home, whilst Zach had toilet issues for a second time in the day… Although Sean was unable to tie his laces Nick still tried his best to have a longer T2 but sadly just missed out on that accolade. Everyone will be relieved to know that Lauren finished in time to go and vote for labour and Larry’s car recovered for him to vote Tory. Good showings from Fin, Theo, Leo, Isobel, Charlotte, Maddie, Maike and Gabby too.

Post race vibe check: 8/10


This is where banta bus v2 kicked on. Some cans were flowing, tunes were on and fun was had. However the pre race high started to fade until the service station stop….

Pre services vibe check: 6/10

Big Duncan had done us a solid and disproved the myth that you cant buy cans at a service station and the boys came out with a good haul – Guy came up with an ingenius Coke-can to rival Sam’s gooch can and Nick finally had a crown to cement his status as prettiest princess.

Cans were now properly flowing and the bus was distinctly split into the two rooms of Poptarts (small at the back big at the front) with some unlucky souls tucked in the middle and getting stereo – not that it discouraged George and Anna from having flexibility contests amongst other things. Joey, inspired by our rendition of Bo Rap demolished a full pie to assert dominance over Euan who didn’t touch his quiche.

Post services vibe check: 10/10

Finally we made it back to Sheffield, where we met Cameron who was disappointed with the shortened race so had just run back instead. Lily and Zak (obviously still on Bristol time) arrived and bikes were taken home before a few hardy souls (/legends) hit the pub for a couple. All in all a good days work.

On a serious note, thank you all so much for competing, everyone did amazingly and thanks to Lily and Zak for driving as well as all the committee for organising and helping to run the day, especially Lily M. As a club we also send our best wishes to the person involved in the incident and hope they make a full recovery.

Birmingham Aquathlon - Feb 22nd 2020

Birmingham Aquathlon has never been so popular! We had 33 people taking part this year, more than double that of 2019. 

A huge congratulations to everybody who took part - there were so many new PBs in the pool!

Overall the boys and the girls both came second out of all the universities competing which is incredible. 

And our very own George Taplin came 1st male overall. 


Full results from the day can be found at this link:

2018-2019 Season 

Races that took place in the 2018-2019 season:

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Varsity Sprint Triathlon 2019
Scissett Sprint Triathlon 2019
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